It's amazing how clear things become, like waking up and realizing you have been asleep.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Time Marches On

I have lived a thousand years in this life
And it's all gone by in a blink.
I looked away for a moment and 10 years passed
sneaky devils they are.

Every moment a lifetime,
Every lifetime a moment
Where will it go from here?
On what vast plain will these faded moments land?
What is to become of all our blood and sweat and tears?

A thousand years of story in one withered page.
A single note for a symphony.
A life flying by without recourse or conviction.
All of this is part of it.
None of it means anything.

Days I'll never get back.
Where will the next page take us?
One drop of water filling a single cup.
A waterfall is not enough.
None of it is ever enough.
It is all too much.
We cannot hold all the burdens of our lives.

Where have we gone my friends?
Our youth and soul and future all blending into one inconceivable mess.
When will we meet again?
We had such high hopes when we set out on this road
before us long and without end.
The sun is hot and fades our colors out.

We will never know if any of this has meaning.
we will never get it back.
Time will break us down into a scrap book of moments.
Where will it go from here?
Where will it end?