It's amazing how clear things become, like waking up and realizing you have been asleep.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Ode to the ones I meet in a Bar

Hanging on
to the edge of the world
by the blade of steel
you say is bad for me
you say, don't do that honey,

You will never feel as real
as the shit I put up my nose
when I was fifteen
and didn't know the world
the way I know it now
it will never get any more true
for me.
It will never get any deeper.

You are just a byproduct
of my pain
of everything that came before you
and will continue to leak
into my heart
and poison my soul with blackness
damn you
Leave me alone.

In this moment there is something golden,
something tried and true.
I will always stand guard against my heart
For the one I wish to occupy it's chambers
is out on a mission alone.
I will always love you.
Goodnight my darling
god speed.

For you.


  1. Yes. The ones that feel inspired to impart deep knowledge upon us younger sorts. Is it a shadowy regret from 30 years ago nagging them to steer us onto the freshly-paved highway of their guiding? How dare they think their experiences are worse or more frightening than ours? My bed had monsters under it too you old slurring, slobbery drunk!