It's amazing how clear things become, like waking up and realizing you have been asleep.

Monday, August 29, 2011


In the wake of the storm
a melancholy mood persists
it takes hold of my heart
and pushes out the love I thought I felt for you
it's too much now
I am broken in ways that bear no explanation
there is an eternity in my soul
bursting out from all directions
it holds the memories of deserts and mountains
plains I didn't think I'd miss
beaches I hope to see again
drives I'll never relive
that girl is dead
I am all that is left
there is nothing good about me
beyond the surface is the wreckage of a thousand hurricanes
the structure is not sound
but it suits me just fine
perhaps I am better off alone.


  1. It would definitely be super-cool to have an art photo to match your musings. I know I wish you were closer to Vegas. I could definitely use those curves. Excellent work. Keep writing and keep posting!

  2. This is absolutely beautiful. I attend poetry slams in Cambridge, and you'd be right at home there.