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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

And then ...

I have officially resigned from my job.  It feels really great to say that.

Thus far, I have rearranged all of the furniture in my apartment, stacked up all my mail into one big pile that I tell myself I will sort through and throw away, but is instead serving as a source of endless amusement for the cat, and gone on several walks. 

I have also made a ton of awesome food, and some not-so-awesome-but-good-experiment dishes.  For example, today I made gluten-free & dairy-free chocolate pancakes.  I used Bob's Red Mills gluten-free all purpose baking flour, which was great for the fried chicken nuggets I made a few nights ago, but not so much for the pancakes.  See, this flour mix is primarily garbanzo bean flour & fava bean flour, so that bean flavor that was hidden by the frying process for the chicken overwhelmed the pancakes.  I will try again with a different blend soon.

Yesterday for lunch, I made a Jennie-O turkey burger topped with sauteed jalapenos and red onion, which were blended with curry spice, mustard powder, red pepper, a hint of garlic powder, and brown sugar.  WOW.  It was so good it felt like I should pull the curtains closed so the neighbors wouldn't see.  That one is definitely going into the make-again pile.

So, not necessarily on plan with the writing/ freelance process, but I've got a few things I'm working up to.  I am planning to lock myself in my office without food or water until I produce something interesting.  Or die trying.  Once a procrastinator always a procrastinator.

Anyway, my time on the library computer is almost up (shiny new laptop on the way).  Until next time ...

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  1. Here is to your freedom! No more writing with templates and boring sentences! Let yourself freeeeeeeeeee.

    PS- I am sure you will be able to guess who this is. ;)

  2. Hi Kristen,

    Just write. Scribble on napkins...on a pad, anything. Just write. You don't have to feel creative, just jot down anything that comes to mind. Put it down on paper (or on laptop), and you'll find your creative juices going. Trust me.